Business Assistance

Business assistance, including tax incentives, grants and low-interest-rate loans are available from the JREDC and our partners. In addition, our programs focus on building partnerships, providing confidential support and providing a link between businesses and government entities.

Building Partnerships

A leader in economic development locally, regionally and statewide, the JREDC creates progress by building effective partnerships. We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining the knowledge and critical relationships that allow us to build bridges and capitalize on opportunities that benefit the entire community. Our purpose is to turn challenges into opportunities and create an environment from which all who are here or come here can benefit.

Confidential Assistance 

Since the JREDC is a private organization, all assistance to existing or prospective businesses is handled in a professional, confidential manner. When your project involves sensitive information, you can count on the Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation.

Government Linkages

We provide not only confidential assistance, but also act as a liaison and guide to funding sources, government, utilities, real estate and services offered by other agencies.

Top government officials are directly linked to our organization, from the smallest community to the largest city in our service area. In addition, because the JREDC administers the Jacksonville Regional Enterprise Zone, we can help you obtain maximum benefit from state and local incentives which are available by locating in the zone.

Learn More

Contact us to find out for what your business qualifies, or read through the programs listed here.