Cost of Doing Business in Morgan and Scott Counties, Illinois

Most Common American Community Survey Industries in Morgan County

most common industries morgan

Most Common American Community Survey Industries in Scott County

most common industries scott

2020 Unemployment Insurance

Minimum Rate.200%
Maximum Rate6.4%
Maximum with Fund Building   6.825%
Taxable Wage Base      $12,740

Illinois Workers’ Compensation

Average rate per $100 of payroll  $2.23

Illinois Corporate Tax Rate

Business Income Tax7%
Personal Property Replacement Tax  2.5%

Illinois Individual Income Tax Rate      4.95%

Sales/Use Tax Rate                      


State Rate6.25%
Home Rule.75%
School Facility and Resource Tax1.0%


Morgan and Scott Counties

State Rate6.25%
School Facility and Resources Tax1.0%

Morgan and Scott Counties

Real Property Tax Assessment                33.33%


State of Illinois: Block Grant, Tax Credits, Low-Interest Loans

Morgan and Scott Counties: Enterprise Zone

Jacksonville: Revolving Loan Fund, Enterprise Zone, TIF, Opportunity Zone

Sources: Data USA, Illinois Department of Revenue, Illinois Department of Employment Security, City of Jacksonville, Morgan County, Scott County