There are many advantages to locating a business in Morgan and Scott Counties. 

Immediate access to river, rail and highway transportation. With a location along the I-72 Corridor, our region provides fast access to the nearby markets of St. Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis, Kansas City and Des Moines, along with the rest of the country. Plus, our natural and agricultural resources provide immediate access to the raw materials manufacturing companies need. 

The agricultural and manufacturing sectors are strong here, but they’re not the only ones growing. Education is a major economic driver, as is healthcare, the service sector and a growing tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our natural resources, transportation access and broadband connectivity supports all of these industries. 

Small Businesses are Thriving in Morgan and Scott Counties 

Morgan and Scott Counties are home to many growing small businesses. There is a rich and vibrant culture here of community togetherness, where everyone pitches in to support each other and the community. This has fostered a positive entrepreneurial culture, high level of civic engagement and an appetite for growth. 

Growth Opportunities 

There are plentiful growth opportunities here. With Jacksonville being home to several colleges, it is a center of regional activity, both professionally and for dining/entertainment. Plus, our region is home to several Opportunity Zones that are attractive from an investment perspective. 


Affordability is another reason businesses are choosing Morgan and Scott Counties. Real estate is inexpensive and so are utility and phone rates. This makes it possible to expand or relocate and save resources.

Strong Workforce

Our region is known for our strong, skilled and loyal workforce. This is where people want to live and so workers are committed to helping local employers succeed. Plus, our college system ensures that workers are trained and ready to add value to the workplace.