Our region is the place where young professionals are building careers, families are growing and people want to put down roots. In addition to jobs, we have a quality of life that makes it possible to purchase a home, benefit from short commute times and watch your kids ride their bike to school. This is the life of which most people dream of and our residents enjoy it every day.

We Welcome You

Jacksonville, Morgan and Scott counties are known for being friendly and welcoming of newcomers. With community colleges and universities in our backyard, we appreciate the diversity and talents of our young population, while continuing to embrace strong family values and the Midwestern work ethic that has defined our region. 

Learn about the Talent Attraction Incentive here.

Live the American Dream

Living in Morgan and Scott counties is living the American Dream. Steeped in history but focused on the future, our region is home to historic sites and gorgeous natural amenities, along with a vibrant art scene, unique shopping and innovative dining experiences. In Jacksonville, you can find everything you could need and even more that you want. 

Plus, since it is affordable to live here, our residents have more disposable income to enjoy doing what they love. Whether that means spending the weekend fishing instead of picking up an extra shift, or enjoying one of our fantastic restaurants – our low cost of living makes it easier to enjoy the good things in life. 

Speaking of the good things … our region may catch you by surprise. Though our communities are smaller than nearby metropolitan areas, we are not small on culture or entertainment. Here, you can find the only Lincoln-area governor’s mansion outside the state capital, the Strawn Art Gallery, Woodland Farm Underground Railroad Site, Illinois College TheatreWorks, the Jacksonville Symphony Society and enough events to keep busy year-round. 

Ideal Location

Everything you could want is in Jacksonville, but if you want to visit a larger museum or catch a pro ball game, you can get to Springfield in 40 minutes, St. Louis in 90 minutes and Chicago in just under four hours!