Morgan and Scott Counties are known for abundant outdoor recreation and a beautiful natural environment. We are home to Lake Jacksonville, voted the #1 Bass Fishing Lake in Illinois; Godfrey Park, a fully accessible park; new hiking trails; a sportsman’s club; and a variety of parks, lakes, rivers and hunting grounds. Outdoorsmen, families and nature-lovers enjoy living in our region for the many opportunities to enjoy outdoor hobbies and to reach them quickly. After all, when nature is your backyard and there’s virtually no traffic, having fun after work or on the weekends becomes a lot easier.

Easy Access to Local Parks

One of the things our residents love about living in the area, is the ability to get off work and reach their outdoor destination in minutes. Whether that means meeting friends at Foreman Grove for a round of disc golf, bird watching on the Emma Mae Leonhard Wildlife Sanctuary & Nature Trail or spending the evening at the lake, working in the Jacksonville area means having access to everything you love, right outside your door. 

Some of our best local parks and outdoor venues are listed below.