Major Employers

Employer Service Employees Location
Passavant Area Hospital Health care 970 Jacksonville
Reynolds Consumer Products Polyethylene bags and film 830 Jacksonville
Jacksonville School District Education 700 Jacksonville
Jacksonville Correctional Facility Prison 488 Jacksonville
Perma Bound Hertzberg Book bindery 425 Jacksonville
Computer Sciences Corporation Call Center – Health care administrators 350 Jacksonville
Blue Cross Blue Shield Call Center – Health care administrators 300 Jacksonville
Bound to Stay Bound Book bindery 260 Jacksonville
Illinois School for the Deaf State School 250 Jacksonville
Illinois College Education 248 Jacksonville
Pathway Services Unlimited, Inc. Human Services 215 Jacksonville
City of Jacksonville Local government 180 Jacksonville
Morgan County Local government 170 Jacksonville
Nestle Non-dairy creamer 165 Jacksonville
MacMurray College Education 160 Jacksonville
Illinois School for the Visually Impaired State school 135 Jacksonville
Winchester School District Education 113 Winchester
Jacksonville Journal-Courier Newspaper 105 Jacksonville
CCK Automations, Inc. Printed circuit boards 105 Jacksonville
Kenan Advantage Group Distribution/General commodities 100 Jacksonville
Best Drive Retread truck tires and sales 92 Jacksonville
Illinois Road Contractors Road construction 80 Jacksonville
Westermeyer Industries Refrigeration/AC pressure valves 75 Bluffs
Consolidated Grain & Barge Logistics services 75 Naples
Hamilton’s Catering Food service 60 Franklin
Illinois Electric Cooperative Electricity 60 Winchester
Elm City Rehabilitation Center Contract packaging 60 Jacksonville
Production Press Commercial printing 60 Jacksonville
ILMO Products Welding equipment and compressed gasses 57 Jacksonville
City of Winchester Local government 56 Winchester
Schwerman Trucking General commodities distribution 52 Meredosia
Illinois Valley Paving Road construction 50 Winchester
EMI Christian Music Group Christian music, sheet music, DVD 49 Jacksonville
Meredosia/Chambersburg School District Education 41 Meredosia
Whalen Trucking Distribution/General commodities 35 Waverly
Jacksonville Packaging Inc. Contract packaging/distribution 35 Jacksonville
United Gilsonite Laboratories Paints, varnishes, allied products 32 Jacksonville
Pallet Repair Systems (PRS) OEM machinery/fabrication 32 Jacksonville
Alsey Refractrories Refractory brick 30 Alsey
Rutland Fireplace maintenance products 30 Jacksonville
Bartlett Grain Company Grain elevator/distribution 25 S. Jacksonville
Eli Bridge Company Amusement rides and ferris wheels 25 Jacksonville
Murrayville Woodson Schools Education 20 Murrayville
Perfection Vault Concrete projects/vaults 18 Woodson
Helena Chemical Agricultural and specialty formulators 18 Meredosia
EnviroVac Environmental services/hazardous waste 16 Jacksonville
City of Waverly Local government 15 Waverly
AACO Warehousing 15 Jacksonville
Midwest Linen Recovery Cloth recycling 13 Franklin
Western Asphalt Road construction 10 Jacksonville
Tarps Manufacturing Custom tarps 10 Meredosia
Trailer’s Machine & Welding Contract job shop 7 Chapin
Branstiter Printing Commercial printing 3 Jacksonville
Faith Printing Commercial printing 3 Jacksonville