The American Dream is alive and well in Morgan and Scott counties, in part, because it is affordable to buy a home here. People moving from nearby Chicago or the East and West Coasts are often shocked by how much less housing costs in Jacksonville and the rural areas of our counties. For example, the median home price in Jacksonville was $79,600 compared with $223,000 in Chicago and $257,100 in Minneapolis. 

Diverse Housing Options 

Diversity and affordability are two themes running throughout the Jacksonville regional housing market. Whether it is a home on the National Historic Register in the Jacksonville Historic District, a studio loft downtown, a moderately priced apartment in the new Stonebridge Apartments, or the numerous subdivisions sprouting up amidst the farmland of Morgan and Scott counties -- it is easy to purchase a home in our region. 

The market ranges from several hundred square feet to more than 3,000 square feet with a variety of housing styles available in an urban or rural setting. Our region offers everything from Civil War era, to turn-of-the-century homes to new construction.

The affordability of the Jacksonville regional housing market is reinforced by the plethora of local financing readily available for little or no money down.

Housing & Income



Total Housing Units


Owner Occupied


Renter Occupied




Median Home Value


Average Home Value


Growth Rate

Household Income


Per Capita Income


Income Projection

Median Household

$49,951 $53,301

Average Household

$74,352 $81,248

Per Capita

$29,728 $32,728