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Illinois CDAP Infrastructure Grant

Provides grants to local governments whose population is less than 50,000, to assist with improvements to public infrastructures and for low interest loans to companies which directly support an economic development project benefiting low to moderate income residents. The maximum grant available is $750,000.

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The Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Programs provides cash incentives for energy-efficiency upgrades to businesses throughout central Illinois. The Competitive Large Incentive Project (CLIP) through Ameren Illinois can provide your business or organization with the opportunity to receive generous cash incentives and bonus dollars. Also, small... Learn More
DCEO awards up to 30% of eligible system costs up to $10,000 for the purchase and installation of pv or solar thermal energy systems under $50,000 in total cost. Please see the DCEO web site for current program funding status. Learn More Learn More
This program is administered by DCEO through the Renewable Energy Resources Program (RERP). Up to $1,000,000 grant is focused on projects increasing the utilization of alternative energy technologies in Illinois. Grant application deadline is May 1. Learn More