Surgical Technologist, Operating Room (OR) Surgery

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No. of Jobs: 1
Job Type: Full-Time
Pay Type: Salary
Compensation: Commensurate with experience
Education: High School

Phone 1: 217-245-9541
Jacksonville Memorial Hospital
1600 W. Walnut
Jacksonville, Morgan, IL 62650
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  • High-school diploma or equivalent required.
  • Graduate of an OR Technician program preferred.


  • Certified Surgical Technician preferred.
  • Maintains current CPR certification.


  • Previous experience as on OR Technician preferred.

Other Knowledge/Skills/Abilities/Working Conditions-Physical Requirements & Atmosphere:

  • Attends in services per needs of the department as specified by nurse manager.
  1. Performs duties in capacity of “scrub” technologist as prescribed by hospital policies and procedures.
  • Sets room for routine, uncomplicated, or multi-procedure cases with supplies and equipment.
  • Assists circulator in checking equipment.
  • Assists circulator in obtaining supplies prior to bringing patient to room.
  • Has basic knowledge of instrumentation and its appropriate use.
  • Checks instrumentation regarding cleanliness, function, correct number of pieces, and completeness of tray.
  • Has basic knowledge of surgical procedures.
  • Organizes and maintains a neat, clean mayo, instrument, and back tables.
  • Attempts reasonable anticipation of sequence of instrumentation.
  • Properly identifies and labels medication.
  • Keeps track of sponges, needles, and instruments during procedure at all times.
  • Relays accurate identification of specimens and cultures.
  • Organizes and assists in end-of-case clean up.
  • Separates sharp and delicate instruments during clean up.
  • Assists in pulling cases.
  • If trained to do so, perform skin closure per hospital policy with the appropriate suture materials and suturing techniques.


  1. Assists in maintenance of safe environment for patients and staff.
  • Has knowledge and applies principles of good aseptic practice (i.e., appropriate scrub length, OR attire, proper gowning, gloving, and draping methods).
  • Checks sterile supplies for proper packaging and dating.
  • Actively assists in recognizing and reporting breaks in sterile technique.
  • Requests assistance of Central Sterile personnel in preparation of instruments for immediate reuse.
  • Follows protocol for universal blood- and body-fluid precautions at all times.
  • Prevents loss of instruments by thorough search of drapes before they are discarded.


  • Assists in the orderly function of the OR.
  • Demonstrates flexibility in a team effort (i.e., takes required supplies from circulator when offered).
  • Checks room for and put away excess supplies and equipment.
  • Takes initiative and seeks appropriate opportunities to update and maintain surgical skills (i.e., requests certain cases and attends inservices).
  • Assists in checking to-follow cases for completeness and accuracy.
  • Assists in orientation of new personnel.
  • Actively participates in checking and maintaining assignment by participating as a permanent team member.
  • Participates in updating surgeon’s preference list.
  • Reports to assigned room on time.
  • Understands and follows disaster plan.


  1. Follows hospital/unit policies, procedures, and behavioral expectations.
  • Uses designated lines of communication and authority.
  • Willingly assists co-workers to facilitate patient care.
  • Maintains current CPR certification (CPR education and exam mandatory in the presence of physical limitation impeding CPR certification. Required demonstration of skills to optimal level of ability).
  • Attends or participates in mandatory inservices.


  1. Performs other related work as required or requested.
Other Information:



** Must have prior Surgical Technologist Experience or completion of a formal 2-year Surgical Technologist Program **


A Surgical "scrub" Technologist will perform surgical “scrub” technologist duties for scheduled surgeries, and assist with the draping and utilization of instruments for a particular surgery and age of the patient serviced. Demonstrates knowledge in the basic principles of sterile techniques and sterilization.  

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