ILMO Products Company Shows That Jacksonville, IL is A Great Place for Business

ILMO Products Company Shows That Jacksonville, IL is A Great Place for Business Main Photo

20 Nov 2020


ILMO Products Company is a mainstay of the Jacksonville region operating as a single-source provider of industrial, medical, and laboratory gases. Additionally, they offer bulk and residential propane, welding and safety equipment, industrial supplies and accessories, and welder rental and repair services. The company was founded in 1913 in Jacksonville as Illinois Tire and Vulcanizing by the Floreth family and remains family-owned to this day. While ILMO has expanded to a total of nine locations throughout Illinois and employs nearly 100 people, it remains headquartered in Jacksonville.

“As the company has grown, there have been occasions for us to reevaluate our commitment to Jacksonville, but there are many benefits that the Jacksonville area affords businesses,” said Liz Standley, ILMO Branch Services Coordinator. “As a distributor of gas products, a major benefit is ease of access to the highway system. We can deliver our products not only to our eight branch locations, but also to our customers. In addition, we have access to affordable real estate in good locations. Our location in the Eastgate Industrial Park is easily accessed by our truck drivers, our vendor partners, and our employees coming from the wider Jacksonville area.”

Standley continued to praise the quality workforce in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities as very stable. “We have always been successful in filling vacancies in our Jacksonville location,” she said.

Standley attributes a large part of ILMO Products Company’s more than 100 years of success to its ability to adapt and provide the services their customers need. “As we grow, we aim to provide good service to our customers, to take care of our employees, to positively engage with the communities where we do business, and to be a reliable partner for our vendors,” she said. “These values help guide our decisions and keep us focused on what is important.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has showcased this adaptability. “As the pandemic set in, our department leaders stepped up and worked together to make decisive and difficult decisions that allowed ILMO Products Company to continue to serve our customers at a high level,” Standley said. “We have learned through these tough times that ILMO is able to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Our ability to do so will ensure that we are here for our customers for years to come.”

Back Lot Helium TrailerILMO Products Company also strives to be there for the community. “While ILMO Products Company’s offerings have expanded over our 100+ years in operation, the core of our business is welding supply distribution, so we have a vested interest in ensuring that quality welding education is available to the next generation of workers,” Standley said. “ILMO welcomes opportunities to partner with our vendors to promote education within our business geography.” Programs that ILMO sponsor “provide skilled workforces for local business driving economic opportunities in downstate Illinois.”

Explore all that ILMO Products Company has to offer in its multiple sectors of gas distribution. The Specialty Gases division operates an ISO certified specialty gas lab that can produce mixed gases blended according to their specialized uses and tested to meet strict standards. The Medical Gases division serves a variety of customer types. From bulk gas solutions at hospitals, to oxygen and nitrous oxide at medical clinics, dentist offices, and veterinarian offices, to home healthcare supply of portable oxygen tanks, ILMO is a trusted partner in the local healthcare industry. The Propane division is a dedicated service and supply team that provides bulk propane and cylinder solutions for industrial, commercial, and agricultural customers, and bulk propane for the residential home heating market.

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