Civic clubs aid community growth

26 Oct 2020


There are three legs required to build a strong foundational stool of sustained community transformation: the local media company, local chambers of commerce and Main Street organizations and, of course, community government or leadership.

While a three-legged stool can stand just fine, nothing beats a stable four-legged stool.

When it comes to building a four-legged stool of sustained and powerful community transformation, we must consider adding local civic clubs or groups to the other legs.

Local civic clubs such as the Rotary, Optimist, Shriners, Exchange, Young Professionals, Kiwanis, American Legion, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and religious groups are loaded with talented and visionary members. Imagine a community harnessing the power and abilities of the majority of their local civic organizations to assist in community transformation. Put another way, a community that can synergize with each of the four legs of their community transformation stool will succeed in ways they would never have imagined.

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