5 Tips To Write An Email Customers Will Actually Open During A Crisis

16 Apr 2020

Customer communication during COVID-19 is critical. Important information about changes to the customer experience, policy changes, and safety tips are often best communicated to customers in email. Today people are home, and they are connected on their desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices more than ever. More than half of Americans check their personal email more than 10 times a day. Email marketing has also been linked to a high ROI, increased sales and improved customer retention.

But at the same time, email across all industries has just a 17.8% open rate - and that is even high in some industries. By 2021 nearly 320 billion emails will be sent each day, and an overabundance of marketing emails can be frustrating and overwhelming. The most common reason customers unsubscribe from or delete brand emails is that they are sent too many, they didn’t purposefully subscribe or the brand sends irrelevant content.

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