Morgan County Prepares For Federal Census

Morgan County Prepares For Federal Census Main Photo

13 Jan 2020

In Mid-March, homes across the country will begin receiving invitations to complete the 2020 Census. Local leaders in the City of Jacksonville and Morgan County have already begun preparations to capture as much of the population of the county as possible to ensure that the county receives the maximum amount of federal grant money driven by population numbers and to try to stymie the loss of a U.S. Congressional seat.

Kristen Jamison of the Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation says that people should not worry about their information being stolen or compromised during the federal census because it is protected under federal law. “Nothing you report to the U.S. Census Bureau can be used against you. This year, because of the Local Update of Census Addresses Program, our Geographic Information System leaders in every community – for instance Shawn Artis here in Morgan County – has worked directly with Kelly Hall at the City of Jacksonville to be as ready for the census as ever before. So much of the census is already guided by building permits and things that are online and are electronically maintained, our leaders are completely ready to capture an accurate count.”

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