Brick Barn Boutique

Brick Barn Boutique Main Photo

10 Oct 2019

One weekend about a year ago, Jordan York suggested to her mother-in-law that they should open a boutique. Within just a few days, the pair was off to Chicago to start buying merchandise … and voila, Brick Barn Boutique was born.

On August 6, Brick Barn Boutique officially opened at their new location at 303 East Court St. in Jacksonville. Prior to moving the store to Jacksonville, Kellie York and her daughter-in-law, Jordan York, ran the boutique from a family barn they had renovated into a hunting cabin in Eldred. Kellie York stated that due to the limited traffic through Eldred, as well as the severe flooding this spring, they decided it was time to take the next step to grow their business … they needed to relocate.

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