Illinois State Chamber of Commerce

215 E. Adams St. • Springfield, IL 62701
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No matter who you are, government decisions impact every employer’s ability to succeed. That’s concerning enough, but consider the fact that hundreds of entities and competitors are hard at work trying to influence those decisions to your detriment. Those decisions now become outright dangerous.

That’s where the Illinois Chamber comes in. We have employers’ backs and are a champion for markets that work. We wield our unparalleled influence to counter anti-business forces and steer government decisions to pro-employment and pro-growth outcomes.

As important as it is, influence alone is not enough. We’ve seen what unchecked, self-interested influence has done to our state’s economy. Influence needs to be bound to strong principles. Commitment to private initiative, markets that work and, above all, integrity.

The Chamber ensures we stay connected to the principles and the priorities of our members through a unique structure that organizes our policy debates. The Chamber’s seven issue councils serve as “chambers within the Chamber,” member- driven organizations focused on issues of particular interest to individual members. These councils set the agenda for the Chamber and facilitates the focus and expertise that makes the Chamber so effective with policymakers, the media and the public.