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Posted on: November 17, 2023 • Category: Career Opportunity

Residential Supervisor

Pathway Services Unlimited, Inc.

Apply By: December 04, 2023
No. of Jobs: 1
Job Type: Full-Time
Pay Type: Salary
Compensation: $40,700 - $42,300 per year
Education: High School

Jena Barkley
Phone 1: 217-479-2300
Pathway Services Unlimited, Inc.
Pathway Services Unlimited, Inc.
1905 W. Morton Ave.
Jacksonville, Morgan, IL 62650
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Skills and Qualifications 

Verifiable documentation of education. High school graduate or equivalency, Associates Degree in Human Service Field preferred. One or more years' experience programming for persons with developmental disabilities and other physical and mental challenges. Previous supervisory experience a plus. Must meet the requirements of Direct Support Person (DSP) training, medication authorization and the physical qualifications required for this position. Must have a valid driver’s license and insurable driving record. 

This is a professional position which requires good quality verbal and written communication skills with the expectation of projecting a professional demeanor in all circumstances. Successful completion of the Short Test of Functional Health Literacy in Adults (S-TOFHLA), testing ability to read. Knowledge of state regulations, Agency timekeeping system programs, Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), other Agency programs, Agency policies, and Residential Services procedures highly valued. Ability to appropriately utilize available computer programs and systems is required. The ability to prioritize responsibilities and adapt to changing needs of the Residential Services program is crucial. The ability to interact with individuals served by this Agency, guardians/parents/family members, employees, other supervisory/management personnel, and a variety of community members (doctors, nurses, banking personnel, business owners, etc.) is essential. Ability to handle crisis situations and make good judgment decisions is required. Must be able to complete all physical requirements of the position with or without a reasonable accommodation. Successful completion of Essential Functioning Test verifying ability to lift at least seventy-five (75) pounds. May have flexible varied work schedule with evenings, overnights, and/or weekends required.


Job Summary 

Supervises the day-to-day day activities of one or more residential sites and assists in provision of program service for individuals residing in the home(s). Reports to, is supervised by, and is evaluated by the Residential Program Leader(s). Responsibilities and Duties

  • Supervises, evaluates and disciplines the residential staff in the assigned home(s). Is responsible for the orientation and training of staff in assigned home(s), including Direct Support Person (DSP) and Medication Administration skills.
  • Schedules direct care staff taking into account full-time employment status, part-time employment status, substitute employment status, twenty-four (24) hours off in seven (7) day period requirement, and overtime considerations
  • Follows the policies and procedures of the Agency including working a shift to ensure the coverage is maintained. May vary schedule to include evening, overnight, and/or weekend shifts as required.
  • Promotes teamwork and cooperation among staff supervised, peers, supervisors and staff of other programs. Meets with and confers with Residential Program Leader(s) and ultimately Human Resources Department regarding staff disciplinary issues.
  • Assists the Residential QIDP in implementing the Implementation Strategy and outcomes for each individual residing in the home(s). Includes but is not limited to the medical needs, personal skill development and the general health and safety of the individuals in the home(s). May provide direct care to people supported.
  • Meets regularly with Residential QIDP, Residential Program Leader(s) and Residential Program Facilitator to discuss any current or future individual and home maintenance needs.
  • Is responsible for accurate maintenance and timely submission of all employee, household and individuals’ records, including but not limited to staff mileage reimbursement, staff training, personnel information, casework notes, appointment paperwork, T-Log and Goal documentation in Therap, mileage log, 53R and 37U documentation, transportation log, food stamp paperwork, monthly vitals documents, implementation of individual’s outcomes, individual funds, and Medication Administration Records.
  • Ensures buildings and grounds are properly maintained and all environmental regulations are followed as required by Department of Human Services licensing and all other licensing and/or accreditation agencies.
  • Is responsible for maintaining the dignity and respect for the individual’s private property and maintaining a clean, attractive, and healthy home environment.
  • Ensures a safe, positive and friendly environment is maintained within the home and the neighborhood.
  • Continues the follow through on training from the Residential QIDP to the residential staff in assigned home(s) to accurately follow the individual’s Implementation Strategy and outcomes as needed.
  • Submits accurate information to Residential QIDP for all incident reports, behavior tracking data, and other documentation as requested.
  • Works with the Residential QIDP and Nursing staff to ensure individual resident health needs are met. Is responsible for attending, or assigning appropriate staff to attend doctor’s appointments when assigned Medical Aide staff is not available, ensuring coverage for medication administration, reviewing pharmaceutical needs, attending emergency trips to the hospital, and consistent completion of individual medication records by residential staff.
  • Communicates any changes or concerns regarding people supported individuals to the appropriate party
  • Demonstrates required Direct Support Person (DSP) knowledge of individual medications, side effects, and proper documentation processes.
  • Provides input and oversight to residential site budget ensuring that the assigned site(s) are well-managed according to hours and funds assigned to that/those site(s) including identifying cost-savings initiatives.
  • Assures the site(s) meets/meet the regulations of licensing and accreditation by all other licensing and/or accreditation agencies.
  • Attends required training, workshops, and meetings as requested.
  • Ensures shopping lists are appropriate and followed so every residential home has an adequate food supply.
  • Assist people supported with purchasing personal items or household items as needed.
  • Ensures CIRAS Reports are completed appropriately and submitted timely per DHS regulations.
  • Ensures people supported are contributing and integrated into their communities.
  • Maintains proper driver eligibility, background clearance, DSP eligibility, and medication administration qualifications as set forth by DHS regulations for continued Residential Program and /or Agency employment.
  • Completes all annual training and Direct Support Person (DSP) requirements.
  • May be required to assist during emergency situations.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned.